Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Last herceptin

Friday was last dose. I'm sad but glad. I will miss the nurses and other wonderful ladies. I want miss the dose and the meds. Glad that part is done finally it's been a long journey.
I did first tatoo and may not continue. I got very dizzy later on that night in shower. i felt light headed and sick. It passed after 5-10 mins. Jeff got me a coke and worried about me. I thought it might be antibotic but didn't feel that way again so can't be that. Hard to decide.

My out spoken, grumpy, hateful,and well the not nice word attitude is a good thing but bad. I am learning to keep it under control but It will take sometime. I ain't gonna take meds cause I love my new attitude. Some people will just have to get over it cause this is the new me.

God Bless everyone!!!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Susan G Komen Walk

It was great. We got there about 7:30 am. I got to sign t-shirt and got a pink hat with a pink ribbon to put on it. I got to set with other survivors. Jeff & kids took pictures of me with the group. We walked around to many tents. Got a few free gifts like scarf, pens, and more. We bought bracelets and Carl got a hat.
We did the Family walk which started at 9 am. Ronald Mcdonal started the race. We walked a mile. I loved it. Over 13,000 people were at the walk/run this year. It was tear breaking to see just how many are touched by this desease. At the end the survivors go to one side were we are greeted by Mike Witcher from channel 10 news and mens basketball team who gave out pink carnations.
It was a great adventure. Im glad my family was there with me. It was special to me and meant more to me than anyone could ever know. I thank God for my husband and kids.
I do want to thank all those who continue to pray from me and my family. Your prayers are felt daily. Thanks for all your support.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Get Ready......Race Oct 22nd

I am getting ready for walk. I am trying to walk in our back yard everyday for 20-40 mins.
I hope to see you at the race. Thanks!


Had herceptin Friday. Got to see Doctor too. He said everything looks great. I only have three more treatments left.  I am glad. I had diarrhea friday night. I felt rough. I felt great today. Just part of it. I am starting megace for hot flashes again. I hope it helps. I started new pill for five years back in Aug. The hot flashes aren't as bad as before. I have gained 15 pounds since I started this new journey. My knees hurt more often now too. May be the weight. I am sleeping better at night without pills. Yeah!! I am not pleased with boobs yet. Dr gotta do more work on it. Tattooing starts in a month or so. He may have to graph more skin to add for nipple.I just want it to be done.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I have joined the Race, Now it's your turn.....

I wanted to join the Susan G. Komen Race last yr but due to treatments didn't. I have joined this year and want my friends and family to join me. Below is my team name and the link to click to join the race. You can walk with me, my husband Jeff, Vanessa and Carl. We would love to see you there. Thanks!
Thanks for all your support and wonderful felt prayers!

Team Name Laughter & Faith Wins!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

final stage of reconstruction

I had surgery on Aug 10th. I had ovaries removed. Then plastic surgeon took fat from belly to add to left breast. He made a nipple. He cut on right breast to give it better shape and moved nipple. I really struggled with this but figured what the heck. Let him do what he does best. I look at it now its ugly. I have a nipple that looks partially black and no feelin. The other one is bruised and yellow but I feel it. This is hard to look at but the end result will be great. I just Thank God for letting this journey be an easy one for me. I have learned alot about myself and others.
God has taught me to be myself more don't hold myself back. I need to do what I like doing and not let others stop me. I want to help people and love Gods people better. I just want to serve him and make this a better place to live for all of us.
I have great support from family and friends. Some of them have went beyond what I thought of them. Thanks! I have made new friends and gain a closer relationship with one friend.
It has been great. I look forward to my future.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thanking God for new life

I had my surgery wed June1. I now have gel implants in both breast. I look a little more normal now. I am thrilled about about. I was a sore Thursday and some Friday. This weekend I feel great like nothing happened.
I thank God daily for all he has done and all he will do for me and my love ones. I pray that all of you will be blessed and see Gods wonderful gifts. He teaches me daily and I am trying to learn how I should walk with him and teach others about his wonderful loving spirit.
My sister has exspanders in and is finally getting her new breast process started. She has been going through it since 09. Mom and Sis came up this wkend. She is doing good.

Have a great week. God bless you all.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just update on how things are going.

I am enjoying the short hair cut. I still prefer longer hair but this is cool for now. I am working on getting hot flashes under control. Gyn. visit went great. Trying to decide if I want ovaries taken out. I think I will. Go see Gyn Tuesday.

My surgery is June 2.I will have expander taken out and implant put in on left side. On the right side, He will cut muscle and insert implant. I decided to do it at one time. He said he could do it that way or two different surgeries. I will have another surgery to get fat to make nipple. No rush though. I look forward to moving own with my life.

It has been a journey but God has been there every step. I have voiced that to everyone I meet. I want to be a witness for Christ. I have a great story of how worry can be stopped and hope and faith can concur all.
Thanks for the prayers. God has definitely answered them.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Doing Great

Well, I am done with treatments except Herceptin every three weeks. I am back at work and loving it. I got brave last Thursday and didn't wear my wig. My hair is one inch long and grayish. I decided that there are more imporant things in life than my looks. What God gives us every day is so much bigger than me. I have realized how important my life is and being a witness for God is more important than anything else. I must help my family and friends see what great things God has done for my family and me. If they need help in their life, God can help them through anything. He has been so great to me. My husband and children have been great and God has been there for them too.
I used to hate for anyone to touch my hair and almost beat Jeff a few times for touching it. I no longer think that way. I am doing better on focusing on what is really important and that is God. I will do what God wants me to do to the best of my abilities which God continues to improve my abilities and me in general. He can shape us and make us better if we just let him. We are trying to grow as Christians and do better for our family.
Thanks for all the prayers. I continue to pray for all of you and everyone that has cancer and/or knows someone with cancer. May you all grow closer to God and if you don't know him please contact me or a friend. Each day is very precious so don't wait.

I will let you know when surgery will be; I will have two of them.

Monday, February 21, 2011

God answers prayers

God has been so good to me and my family through all of this so far. He has made the way. I never got really sick. I will take last radiation Thursday. I didn't realize the scare had to be treated differently so I have a few extra days. He is giving me 7 treatments on it which the first one was Wed so this Thursday will be the last one. My skin is a little pink but not bad. I have had worse sun burns. I have plenty of energy most of the time. I have maintained my weight all the way through this. My nails are fixin to break off but I am trying to keep polish on them to help hold them on. I wear colors like blue, purple and teal. I never did before. I am thinking outside the box now.
The really great thing is I am going back to work tomorrow in the classroom I was in when I quit work. I never thought I would get it back but God made things work out for everyone so I could return. I am so amazed by the great work God continues to do in my life. I prayed that he would show me where he wanted me to go. I thought maybe I needed to go back to college or try to find something else but he wants me to go back where I was before. He knows what is best. I only worried for two days then turned it completely over to him and forgot about it. I am trying to stop worry and let God help me through things. He will guide me and show me what I need to do and where I need to go. I am so thankful for his power, love and everything he is.

We must hold on for one more day because he will make a way. It's when we fully give it to him that things fall into place.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back in swing of things

Well this week has been going pretty good. Tuesday was a crazy day. I got to go at 9am my usually radiation time. So I made the comment that I am getting back in the routine of things. Well, opening my mouth jinks myself. I lay on this big table that moves sideways, up and down. They have to move it three times for treatments. I had two done and they were fixing to do the third. The table wouldn't go down. I was stuck up high. The Physic people, a man & woman, came in so I had to cover up. They tried some stuff but nothing worked. After 10 mins. they were able to get a crank to manually lower the table. I got dressed and headed out. I stopped to talk to a lady(her husband has throat cancer & is getting treatments) that I have became friends with while at radiation. Any ways, while I was talking to her they asked me to come back to the room and they would try to give me my last treatment for the day. I got to get it but had to wait 10 mins for machine to reboot. Then once positioned the radiation zapper didn't want to work after the third try it finally worked. What a Day!
Wed and Thursday(today) went well. I think things are getting better but can't say until Monday.
Just pray that God continues to guide me in the right direction and helps us make good choices. God answers prayers and he has been great to me and to my family. I try to leave things with God and let him lead the way. He makes doors open up and helps me see he is still with me.

I get down some days but God helps me back up. I just have to open my eyes and ears. He never leaves us even if we feel alone he is still there. I just have to refocus on him and everything falls in place. I thank God for my husband, my kids, my friends, and my family. I thank God for my health and my family's health. I thank him for all he has given to me and to my family. I am glad I know God and I am his child forever!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Long Week

Well I went to radiation on Monday. He said to take this week off and get my plastic surgeon to take some fluid out of expander. So I went on Wed. to get 100cc taken out. I returned to radiation on Thursday to do another Cat scan of my breast. The doctor will look it over and redo position for radiation. I will go on Monday to get remarked for radiation and get 15th radiation treatment. I have a total of 30 treatments so I should have last one on Feb. 21 Presidents' Day. If weather permits I should be done by then.
I will get 100cc put back in after radiation is complete. I have appointment 4 weeks to return to Plastic surgeon. Then six weeks later I should be ready for reconstruction surgery. I hope.
This week has been long but it is finally over. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

About radiation..

Dr  said that I have to be very careful now about cuts and watch for arm swelling now. Some people get arm swelling due to rad in the lymph node areas. Also, getting cuts or small scratches could cause an infection. So I can't play with the cat any more and be careful with our dog too. I have to wear gloves if I do gardening. When I cook I have to be careful about getting burns or using a knife. I got a new knife and when I use it I use the chopping board so I don't cut my self.
I plan on talking to him some more about this cause I worry about getting cuts and scratches. I haven't be able to go all week but I hope to go tomorrow. I want be able to talk to the Dr until Monday. I will talk to someone  tomorrow though. I must get more info on this. My sister had trouble with swelling but she had more lymph nodes taken out. 
I will  be asking more questions.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tired of Snow...

Please! I love the snow but for three days I have had to miss Rad. I hope I can go tomorrow. The roads are slick today but Jeff made it out. I was so worried. I was very relieved once he called.
I am so upset about missing my appointments this week. I just wanted to get this behind me but I guess all things come in time.
I know God is always right on time but it's really hard to be patient. I am trying to be.

One very important note: Beltz and Foust called yesterday. My eco came back good 64%. One new thing, they have a new program which can tell how hard the heart has to push the blood out. The people who read it aren't sure if mine is normal because they never tested anyone that has been on chemo and herceptin. So Foust said the heart Dr recommend more eco's which he was already going to do anyways. So, for now we don't need to worry.

Kids had a blast in the snow. They made a snow fort. It is over 5 ft tall. It's cool.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is what helps me everyday.............Faith......

Saturday, January 08, 2011
Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, "We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it." (Numbers 13:30 NIV)
" Faith is what allows us to declare in confidence that God is with us no matter what happens."
The way to overcome our fears is to follow Jesus in faith. Our faith is what allows us to enter the future -- not with a question mark -- but with an exclamation point!
Faith is what allows us to declare in confidence that God is with us no matter what happens. We are certain God is for us and certain he has our best interests at heart.
Through faith, we know that God is working all things out for our good -- if we love God and are following the commands of Jesus (Romans 8:28). If you are a believer, the Bible says all things are working together for good -- not that all things are good -- but working together for your good and the Glory of God.
There is no difficulty, dilemma, defeat, or disaster in the life of a believer that God can’t ultimately get some good out of – so what is there to fear, as we enter this Decade of Destiny?
When you face the future, what do you see?  Do you look at it with eyes of doubt?  With eyes of cynicism?  With eyes of expecting the worse? 
You have two choices about the future –
  • You can either face the future as a cynic, a doubter, with negative thoughts, expecting the worse, or …
  • You can face the future expecting God to be with you and that His goodness and His mercy will follow you all the days of your life.  
If like this then you can sign up and receive them daily by using the link below:

 I know that all things are possible through Christ our Savior. I am not worried about my health cause I know he is in control and I just have to try to listen and do what he says is best. I know that sometimes it's hard to know what he wants me to do but with prayer and help from my husband we are making the best choices we can. No matter the out come God will prevail. We must hold on to our faith.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Radaition update..

Well, Dr. explained things better today. He want be getting rad too close to throat but it could be close enough to cause scratchy throat. If it does cause problems they can adjust it a little.

Today was weird. Well first of all, We were setting there at hospital fixin to get my egco done when my phone rang. It was rad. The machine that does rad was tore up and it would be 1-2 hrs before tech could get there to fix it. Well I had to change to 2pm instead of my 9am. When I got done and was on my way home I remebered I need to have tires rotated. So I called Jeff and said that I would go get that done this morning. Guess what???? Their machine was tore up too. I called him back and told him that someone is telling me to go home. So I did.

I did go to Walmart and to rad after lunch today. Things went well.

Strange day.