Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just update on how things are going.

I am enjoying the short hair cut. I still prefer longer hair but this is cool for now. I am working on getting hot flashes under control. Gyn. visit went great. Trying to decide if I want ovaries taken out. I think I will. Go see Gyn Tuesday.

My surgery is June 2.I will have expander taken out and implant put in on left side. On the right side, He will cut muscle and insert implant. I decided to do it at one time. He said he could do it that way or two different surgeries. I will have another surgery to get fat to make nipple. No rush though. I look forward to moving own with my life.

It has been a journey but God has been there every step. I have voiced that to everyone I meet. I want to be a witness for Christ. I have a great story of how worry can be stopped and hope and faith can concur all.
Thanks for the prayers. God has definitely answered them.

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