Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well, My new next step.

Well, I do have to do Chemo. Still don't know about radiation yet. Here I go trying to explain this.

I am Stage II (2). HER2/neu positive.ER/PR + estrogen/progesterone. These stimulate the cells to grow by hormones. Therefore, I can take a drug for 5 years to help prevent cancer. It is called Tamoxifen. I think he said there was another one I could take also but too much to take in at once.
I will take Chemo: Adriamycin and Cytoxan every 2 wks 4 times.
Then I will take Chemo: Herceptin every 3 wks for one year along with the Taxoxifen or some other hormone treatment pill for 5 yrs.
WOW! one year of chemo, who would have thought. He said it may take 2-4 hrs for chemo treatments maybe less.
He gave me some books and papers on every drug he will be giving to me plus a booklet on breast cancer. So, we can read over them and ask any questions or concerns. He said I would need an eco gram done so we have a base line on my heart. So I go Aug. 12th for that at the hospital. I need a port put in which will be used to give me the chemo treatments.
I go to GS (General Surgeon) next Thursday and  we will set up the time to get the port put in by him.
The lady at the front desk is a 20 year survivor and was nice enough to give me her number if I needed to talk to her or had any questions. I told her I was planning on doing the walk in Oct. She said to call her and she would go with me. I want to get everyone I can to come for that event. I hope I can get some more people to join my family on this Breast cancer walk.

Well, Work: I went back Wed. and told everyone. I got Family Medical Leave papers today. Of course she had to put in my job description too. How funny. I have to be able lift 40 pound and have 8 hrs of energy. I will do my job and go to my appointments. If they don't like it they can kiss my ---.

I will lose my hair. I hate this part but it's not the end of the world. Many women have been through worse. I wish no one had to go through this and maybe one day they want have to.
I am sad, angry, confused, and other things. I am also very happy that I will be cured one day!! I am looking forward to next summer. I am looking forward to helping my family in our everyday life. Cause we must gone on with our lives. Nothing is going to stop that. I love my family and all of us are learning important things about ourselves and growing. God will help us through all of this.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally Tube Gone!!!

Today, I got my drain tube out after 15 days. The nurse took it out. She said "on the count of 3 I will pull it out. one, two three" OUCH!!! "that's it" Great now it feels fine. Yeah it hurt kinda like a burning feeling but not really anything to cry about. I have prayed for a week that I could get this out and I did. Thank you God. I got my fill up today too. Can U say WOW? I did. I look almost normal now. The needle she used was very skinny and I didn't feel her stick in at all. Of course, the top of my breast is still numb like too. She had a very steady hand to hold that huge tube on the needle and slowly push the fluid in my expander(my Breast). It was a great day. That's one more step closer to being done. I am still moving forward and looking forward to the day I am completely done with treatments. (Well, I will forever have something done to make sure I am cancer free, but hopefully I want have to go through treatments or biopsies again.) God does listen and answer prays.