Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chemo #3

Well, 3rd chemo today. It went like always but I got a refresher on what I have to do next. I have to do one more chemo called Taxotere. It can cause different side effects. It can cause alot of serious things I want list because any chemo can have serious problems. The ones the nurse told me were more common where skin drying out and cracking, hair loss, and rashes. I have to be careful with it just like the AC chemo I'm taking now. I have to go every two wks for 4 treatments. If I can handle it if I can't then I will have to do it every 3 wks. Then when done with it I can start Herceptin. The ladies loved my hair(wig).
I am tired today. I took a nap. I ate toasted cheese sandwich with mayo. Husband stopped at store on way back and got me some peanut butter crackers to help calm my stomach and I was hungry. Now what to eat for supper? Soup maybe? My stomach isn't ready for anything but I make myself eat anyways. I am staying at 174 weight wise.
Until next time...Here's to 3 down and 4 to go. I'm still half way.

Hair issues...

I cut it off on Friday the 3rd. I couldn't deal with the clumps of hair coming out every time I brushed it. My son couldn't look at his bald momma for a few days. That Saturday my wonderful husband too me to Knoxville to Across the Creek on Carr Street to get a wig. They were nice ladies there and they really helped me out. I fell in love with three wigs but had to choose. My husband really like one more than the rest so that's the one I got. My kids help tell me what they liked too.
Everyone at work said it suited me. The color and the short hair cut. It's red of course but has black too. It's shorter in the back the long pieces in the front side. It's really pretty.
I been doing good. I had double fill up Friday big mistakes. It hurts and is very sore. I now have a soft ball for a boop. Really it's that size and that hard. I wish I could get the permanent implant but not until spring due to Rad.
I also have to eat well or get very weak and faint. I got that way Saturday. Scared all of us to death.
Well, today is chemo day so more later. I dread today but this is number 3. one more after this YEAH!!!