Friday, July 16, 2010

After surgery

Now I home with the kids. I took pain pill first day home then no more. I sleep in the recliner with pillow under my arm for support. The drain tube isn't hard to do. I pour it out and milk it every time. Yes I can do it myself. My daughter helps put the dressing around the tube and gauze on cut. She helps me get shirt on. I do everything myself. Independent you know. My husband gets stuff for me and carries things to me. He makes sure I take med. He fixes my food and drinks. He is so sweet. He's afraid to hug me or touch me on my left side. Today was first time he touched my left arm. I am trying to tell him it's ok to huggs me and touch me. I tell him if it hurts. He doesn't like seeing me in pain. The kids have been fixin things for lunch and supper. My daughter has been doing great cooking. They both clean up the house. They kids ask if I need anything like every hour or more often. My family has called and checked on me. My sister is doing radation and is doing well. She called today.
The drain tube fluid isn't as red today. Which is really great and the amount is smaller than it was. I have to keep record of it. I go to PS Monday July 19 and I hope to get drain out. I go to GS Thursday July 22. I have to take daughter to dentist 21.
I hope I can go to work on the 28th.

Second step part 2

I was laying there trying to open my eyes. I rubbed my hands on my sides and felt the drain tube. I couldn't believe I was done with surgery. I kept trying to open my eyes. I finally saw a clock and time had past by me. Once I was good and awake they ask if I hurt. Yes I was hurting some. She gave me something in IV. I finally got to go to a room. I was in room 516. I wasn't in there no time when in come Jeff, my Mom, Mamaw, and two aunts came in the room . I was very sleepy and glad to be done. The nurse and cna were great that night. They brought me drinks and helped to bathroom. They were very nice and helpful. It was hard to move around because my chest on left side was very tight, heavy and burning at times. I had to ask for pain med a few times. They gave me liquid diet which was very nasty. I did have a pop sicle and jell-o. The broth soup was gross. I ask for real food. I finally got some mashed potatoes and meat which was really great. Then at 9 PM I ask for pizza but my nurse said "no" due to me having anesthesia. So I ask for a ham sandwich and chocolate pudding. It was great but the pudding didn't get there to later on that night. So I ask my husband to bring our candy bars up cause I needed chocolate now. He did and I ate one before they came back with the pudding.
I slept far that night. I got my husband up twice to go to bathroom. I hate having to wake him up but he wanted to help and I love having him help me out. My husband and I went for two walks in the hallways. I was tired of staying in the bed. It was nice.
Next day was good. I had to have pain med 2 times. My mom, mamaw and aunt came up so my husband could go home and get the kids. A breast cancer friend came by to see me. I had only talked to her on the phone so it was a reall treat to finally to get to see her. She is so sweet and helpful.
The kids came and were glad to see me. I was glad to get to see them too. They stayed until I got to go home late that night about 7:30pm. I was so ready. PS released me.
Our dog was so happy to see me. He never left my side.

Second step

July 12th The surgery is preformed. I had to be at Park West at 5:30 am. Once I went back to the surgery recovery room area, I had to put on the hospital gown. They checked my temp, BP, oxygen and urine for pregnancy test. one nurse tells me they might put a catheter in due to the surgery taking so long. Great, it would be done after I was asleep and taken out before I woke. On July 9 th I had to be here for blood work and paper work which took 45 min. Today we had to wait in the room for hour before everything got started. Finnally PS came to mark my left breast with black permant marker. They also put these leg massager things on both legs to help prevent blood clods. It felt nice but noisy. My GS finnally came in to see if I was marked amd he put his intials on it. My husband ask me if he could put his on me too. (that would be funny when they saw that..who is this). They came to get me. I kissed my husband. He said he would be waiting on me with tears in his eyes. I told him I would be fine. I love you!! we said. The nurse said she was putting something in my IV to help relax me. Thats' all Folks! I was out of it.

The beginning

My sister found out she had breast cancer at the age of 33 last year Aug. 2009. I found a lump but thought maybe it was my ribs because I have small breast. I went to doctor in Last part of May. I went for MMG on May 26. They found the lump on my left breast. So I had to go again to get a magnified MMG on left side. It doesn't really hurt to have these done just uncomfortable. My husband went with me on second MMG. He was upset because I hadn't said anything about lump. He had been trying to get blood pressure under control so I didn't want to say anything. I was hoping it wasn't one. I went to General surgeon in June 10th. Now the process starts. He believes it is cancer. He wants to do biopsy. June 14 biospy done at Harriman Hosp. June 17th Doctor tells us it is beast cancer. The lump is .7cm Invasive Ductual Carcinoma cancer. It is slow growing and doesn't seem to be anywhere else in my breast or lymph nodes but will take them out when we do the mastecomy. could cut it out but not much breast left and may not get all of it first time.