Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More NEWS...

My oncologist called last night and said that the radiologist feels at my age and with it being 2 mm from the muscle, I should have radiation. So, He wanted me to get an appointment with one. He set one up for me. I go on the 12th. I really didn't want this to happen but I guess this will be another step in this journey.
I called PS and they called back. It would be best to stop getting expander filled and check with radiologist to see if I need to have some taken out. It should be safe to keep it in. I just have to wait to get it filled and to get implant. Next summer, I will get that part done (Hopefully). I go to GS tommorrow and set up time for port to be put in my shoulder. FUN!

Work has been fine so far but no kids yet.