Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back in swing of things

Well this week has been going pretty good. Tuesday was a crazy day. I got to go at 9am my usually radiation time. So I made the comment that I am getting back in the routine of things. Well, opening my mouth jinks myself. I lay on this big table that moves sideways, up and down. They have to move it three times for treatments. I had two done and they were fixing to do the third. The table wouldn't go down. I was stuck up high. The Physic people, a man & woman, came in so I had to cover up. They tried some stuff but nothing worked. After 10 mins. they were able to get a crank to manually lower the table. I got dressed and headed out. I stopped to talk to a lady(her husband has throat cancer & is getting treatments) that I have became friends with while at radiation. Any ways, while I was talking to her they asked me to come back to the room and they would try to give me my last treatment for the day. I got to get it but had to wait 10 mins for machine to reboot. Then once positioned the radiation zapper didn't want to work after the third try it finally worked. What a Day!
Wed and Thursday(today) went well. I think things are getting better but can't say until Monday.
Just pray that God continues to guide me in the right direction and helps us make good choices. God answers prayers and he has been great to me and to my family. I try to leave things with God and let him lead the way. He makes doors open up and helps me see he is still with me.

I get down some days but God helps me back up. I just have to open my eyes and ears. He never leaves us even if we feel alone he is still there. I just have to refocus on him and everything falls in place. I thank God for my husband, my kids, my friends, and my family. I thank God for my health and my family's health. I thank him for all he has given to me and to my family. I am glad I know God and I am his child forever!

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  1. Hey Debra,

    Yeah!! You are almost done!!

    Isn't it amazing how things work themselves out when God is in control? I am so glad you are able to go back to the classroom and do what you love. I know that must be such a blessing to others.

    It is time for us to get together on our lunch date we've talked about! My treat! I will call you in a few days to work it out. You have so whipped that nasty old cancer! I am so honored to call know you! Love from your friend and survivor sis,