Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Last herceptin

Friday was last dose. I'm sad but glad. I will miss the nurses and other wonderful ladies. I want miss the dose and the meds. Glad that part is done finally it's been a long journey.
I did first tatoo and may not continue. I got very dizzy later on that night in shower. i felt light headed and sick. It passed after 5-10 mins. Jeff got me a coke and worried about me. I thought it might be antibotic but didn't feel that way again so can't be that. Hard to decide.

My out spoken, grumpy, hateful,and well the not nice word attitude is a good thing but bad. I am learning to keep it under control but It will take sometime. I ain't gonna take meds cause I love my new attitude. Some people will just have to get over it cause this is the new me.

God Bless everyone!!!!!!