Thursday, January 13, 2011

About radiation..

Dr  said that I have to be very careful now about cuts and watch for arm swelling now. Some people get arm swelling due to rad in the lymph node areas. Also, getting cuts or small scratches could cause an infection. So I can't play with the cat any more and be careful with our dog too. I have to wear gloves if I do gardening. When I cook I have to be careful about getting burns or using a knife. I got a new knife and when I use it I use the chopping board so I don't cut my self.
I plan on talking to him some more about this cause I worry about getting cuts and scratches. I haven't be able to go all week but I hope to go tomorrow. I want be able to talk to the Dr until Monday. I will talk to someone  tomorrow though. I must get more info on this. My sister had trouble with swelling but she had more lymph nodes taken out. 
I will  be asking more questions.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tired of Snow...

Please! I love the snow but for three days I have had to miss Rad. I hope I can go tomorrow. The roads are slick today but Jeff made it out. I was so worried. I was very relieved once he called.
I am so upset about missing my appointments this week. I just wanted to get this behind me but I guess all things come in time.
I know God is always right on time but it's really hard to be patient. I am trying to be.

One very important note: Beltz and Foust called yesterday. My eco came back good 64%. One new thing, they have a new program which can tell how hard the heart has to push the blood out. The people who read it aren't sure if mine is normal because they never tested anyone that has been on chemo and herceptin. So Foust said the heart Dr recommend more eco's which he was already going to do anyways. So, for now we don't need to worry.

Kids had a blast in the snow. They made a snow fort. It is over 5 ft tall. It's cool.