Saturday, October 1, 2011

Get Ready......Race Oct 22nd

I am getting ready for walk. I am trying to walk in our back yard everyday for 20-40 mins.
I hope to see you at the race. Thanks!


Had herceptin Friday. Got to see Doctor too. He said everything looks great. I only have three more treatments left.  I am glad. I had diarrhea friday night. I felt rough. I felt great today. Just part of it. I am starting megace for hot flashes again. I hope it helps. I started new pill for five years back in Aug. The hot flashes aren't as bad as before. I have gained 15 pounds since I started this new journey. My knees hurt more often now too. May be the weight. I am sleeping better at night without pills. Yeah!! I am not pleased with boobs yet. Dr gotta do more work on it. Tattooing starts in a month or so. He may have to graph more skin to add for nipple.I just want it to be done.