Friday, January 28, 2011

Long Week

Well I went to radiation on Monday. He said to take this week off and get my plastic surgeon to take some fluid out of expander. So I went on Wed. to get 100cc taken out. I returned to radiation on Thursday to do another Cat scan of my breast. The doctor will look it over and redo position for radiation. I will go on Monday to get remarked for radiation and get 15th radiation treatment. I have a total of 30 treatments so I should have last one on Feb. 21 Presidents' Day. If weather permits I should be done by then.
I will get 100cc put back in after radiation is complete. I have appointment 4 weeks to return to Plastic surgeon. Then six weeks later I should be ready for reconstruction surgery. I hope.
This week has been long but it is finally over. 

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  1. Hey Debra,

    I will put that last date of your radiation on my calendar. I would like to treat you somewhere around then. I continue to pray for you and think of you often. Love your survivor sister,