Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thanking God for new life

I had my surgery wed June1. I now have gel implants in both breast. I look a little more normal now. I am thrilled about about. I was a sore Thursday and some Friday. This weekend I feel great like nothing happened.
I thank God daily for all he has done and all he will do for me and my love ones. I pray that all of you will be blessed and see Gods wonderful gifts. He teaches me daily and I am trying to learn how I should walk with him and teach others about his wonderful loving spirit.
My sister has exspanders in and is finally getting her new breast process started. She has been going through it since 09. Mom and Sis came up this wkend. She is doing good.

Have a great week. God bless you all.

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  1. Hey Debra! So glad things went well with the implant surgery. I know you are glad to be more back to normal now. I will be remembering your sister too and I am glad she is progressing well in her reconstruction. I hope you are having a blessed summer. Lots of love,