Monday, January 3, 2011

Radaition update..

Well, Dr. explained things better today. He want be getting rad too close to throat but it could be close enough to cause scratchy throat. If it does cause problems they can adjust it a little.

Today was weird. Well first of all, We were setting there at hospital fixin to get my egco done when my phone rang. It was rad. The machine that does rad was tore up and it would be 1-2 hrs before tech could get there to fix it. Well I had to change to 2pm instead of my 9am. When I got done and was on my way home I remebered I need to have tires rotated. So I called Jeff and said that I would go get that done this morning. Guess what???? Their machine was tore up too. I called him back and told him that someone is telling me to go home. So I did.

I did go to Walmart and to rad after lunch today. Things went well.

Strange day.


  1. Hey!

    I was just checking in to see how the dr's explanation went on the radiation. I can't believe you had a day like that, everything getting broken. We had a day yesterday at our house where everything got cancelled (before the snow even showed up!) I am thinking and praying for you daily. Lots of love,


  2. Thanks! Things are going better. Today the road was rough and yesterday was really bad My daughter & I had to drive home on white roads and it was slick in spots. She thought I was crazy cause I kept talking out loud but it was to God and myself. I had to stay calm and get us home safe and we did. God is with us and talking out loud is comforting to me.