Friday, July 16, 2010

After surgery

Now I home with the kids. I took pain pill first day home then no more. I sleep in the recliner with pillow under my arm for support. The drain tube isn't hard to do. I pour it out and milk it every time. Yes I can do it myself. My daughter helps put the dressing around the tube and gauze on cut. She helps me get shirt on. I do everything myself. Independent you know. My husband gets stuff for me and carries things to me. He makes sure I take med. He fixes my food and drinks. He is so sweet. He's afraid to hug me or touch me on my left side. Today was first time he touched my left arm. I am trying to tell him it's ok to huggs me and touch me. I tell him if it hurts. He doesn't like seeing me in pain. The kids have been fixin things for lunch and supper. My daughter has been doing great cooking. They both clean up the house. They kids ask if I need anything like every hour or more often. My family has called and checked on me. My sister is doing radation and is doing well. She called today.
The drain tube fluid isn't as red today. Which is really great and the amount is smaller than it was. I have to keep record of it. I go to PS Monday July 19 and I hope to get drain out. I go to GS Thursday July 22. I have to take daughter to dentist 21.
I hope I can go to work on the 28th.


  1. Hey Debra!

    Your blog is beautiful!! I'm so glad your sister is dong well and that your family is such a wonderful support to you. You are well on your way to kicking that cancer's tail!! I know that drain tube is a pain but it will be out soon! So have you eaten any more pizza? I'm still amazed how you were craving that the first night after surgery. Wish I had a post surgery stomach of iron like that. It is amazing!! Proud to be cheering you on it the fight!! I'll check back with you in a few days. Your sister survivor,

    Kerry Osborne

  2. Debra,

    My sister is Kerry Osborne and she told us about you. Just wanted to let you know there are people you've never met who care and are praying for you. I am so glad you have such supportive family and friends. Kerry has said how that made such a huge difference for her in her breast cancer journey. Take it easy and don't turn any help away:) Hope you make a quick recovery from the surgery!

    Shannon Beal

  3. Thank You Both. It's great that everyone cares enough to pray for someone they have never met. I Pray that anyone with cancer or other serious conditions that God will help them in they way he sees best. I wish everyone could be cured and well but I know that God has a greater plan for all of us. I just hope my life can be an inspiration to someone. I want to help others in anyway possible. May God Bless you all!! Thanks for your prayers!

  4. Debra,

    My name is Meredith Busic. I am Kerry Osborne's sister. Kerry mentioned your surgery so I wanted to post and say that our family will be praying for you.
    I hope that you have a speedy recovery.