Friday, July 16, 2010

Second step

July 12th The surgery is preformed. I had to be at Park West at 5:30 am. Once I went back to the surgery recovery room area, I had to put on the hospital gown. They checked my temp, BP, oxygen and urine for pregnancy test. one nurse tells me they might put a catheter in due to the surgery taking so long. Great, it would be done after I was asleep and taken out before I woke. On July 9 th I had to be here for blood work and paper work which took 45 min. Today we had to wait in the room for hour before everything got started. Finnally PS came to mark my left breast with black permant marker. They also put these leg massager things on both legs to help prevent blood clods. It felt nice but noisy. My GS finnally came in to see if I was marked amd he put his intials on it. My husband ask me if he could put his on me too. (that would be funny when they saw that..who is this). They came to get me. I kissed my husband. He said he would be waiting on me with tears in his eyes. I told him I would be fine. I love you!! we said. The nurse said she was putting something in my IV to help relax me. Thats' all Folks! I was out of it.

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