Friday, December 31, 2010


I am so confused. I went for rad treatment and now he is treating lymph but he is treating the ones up above my breast close to my neck too. The other Dr said he wouldn't treat this area. But my concern is that since my one lymph was letting the cancer out of the capsule then we should treat it. My oncologist said he would probably treat it because cancer from the breast can travel up to those lymph nodes but he said let the rad Drs help us decide.
So do I treat all of it and deal with damage to my throat and swelling of the arm and infections if I get cut or scratched along with the damage it does to muscles and lungs.
I just don't want it to come back later in life. But even though I go through all of this it could come back any ways. So what to do. I pray that God will help us make the right chooses. I just want this to be gone and get on with my life.
I am trying to talk to people who have been through this and might be able to shine some light on this better for us.
Good news
My herceptin went great. No side effects and I feel great today. So it should be a breeze. I did get sleepy due to benadral but I ate taco and bean burrito on the way home. I can taste food and I am loving it. That was my Christmas wish and I got it. I thank God for letting me taste food again. I enjoyed sweets again.

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