Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thrird day........

Well, the computers were down today so they were 30 min behind. They were going to send us home but computers came up. I got to go back around 9:15am. I asked to see dr. Jeff & I talk about the rad and we thought it would be best to get lymph nodes too. So I talked to Dr. He was iffy about it but said we would have to be careful with swelling of the arm and infections. I can't get any scratches on my left arm. It would get infected really bad. That would be better than taking a chance of it coming back later somewhere else and taking my life.

Any ways, I will be late tomorrow for hercept. due to readjusting the rad site. They are calling them and letting them know I will be 30 mins late. I'm just glad Jeff will be with me.

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