Thursday, October 14, 2010

Great people around me

Well, start off with I am not working any more. It's best if I am not around sick children and they require a lot of energy. 
My husband has some really great people he works with who ask about me and pray for me and all of us. Even some of the people he sells parts too ask about me too. I can't believe how nice everyone has been.
My co-workers have been so great. They have been such a great support and help to me. They hated to see me leave but are staying in touch with me and want me to come back soon. 
Church friends have been great too.
You know people truly do care about us and are trying to help us. Some even say that they would help clean house, shop, take me to appointments, and so much more. It means a lot. I am very independent and would never ask for any help but if it gets to the point that I can't do things it great that I have friends and family to come and help my family.
My wonderful husband has been so great. He worries about me more than I realize. I try to let him know I am fine but he can tell when I'm not. I am so lucky to have him. The kids are doing great.

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