Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update on how I feel

Well, I am run down but still going strong. My monthly is going strong also Tuesday made 2 weeks. GYN said the stuff he took was benign (not cancer). He will do Ultra sound next Wed.
The things a person has to go through just to get better. I hate taking iron pills again. And they are causing problems so I take pills for that issue too. I want go in detail about all these issues cause it's gross and just too much info.

I am trying to get house work done this week while kids are home. They have done good getting rooms clean. I have made baby quilts for two of the classrooms at my (old) work place. I feel weird not saying my work. Well, I took it too them today and said hi to everyone. It was very uplifting to see them. I miss them. But being home is good too. I needed the rest exspecially with my issues.
I am trying to catch up on house chores and on some reading.
The kids and I went to library and we checked out some books.
All's good.

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