Thursday, October 14, 2010

#1 Chemo Taxotere

Well, my first dose of taxotere went well. I didn't get sick or feel bad. I am tired as usual. The benadryl they put in my IV made me very sleepy. I dosed during treatment, on the way home and slept once home. I slept for three hours or so. They told me I could take claritin for three days to help with the booster shot I take 24 hrs later. It hasn't help me yet. Of course I got off brand.
I am anemic. My iron was very low this time. Maybe because of PMS for a wk and heavy. My ovals aren't going to sleep yet. Foust put me on some pills to stop it and wanted me to see a gyn. So I did. The gyn tried to clean out my cervix but could not get it done very well. Now I have to have an ultra sound of cervix to see if it's big or something could be wrong like tumors. Great news uhn.
Just a note make sure you get yearly paps, and checks with doctors to help stay on top of things.

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