Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chemo #3 or 7 total

Well it went very well. Jeff made me laugh. I was telling the nurse about my feet trouble and she ask if I called them. I said no. She fussed so did Jeff. He picked at me about not calling them about stuff. I am not calling them every time I hurt somewhere. If it goes on too long or seems serous then I will call them.They have better things to do then to listen to my minor issues.
Doc said it was the chemo causes my ache and pains with nails and toes. As I already figured out.
Jeff told him how he disliked Metcalf. So he gave us a women GYN in knoxville. Susan something. I go to her next month.

GREAT NEWS: On the way home I got the call we were waiting on. My Gene test came back NEGATIVE. I don't carry the gene which means there is a great chance our kids want get cancer. They are still higher risk than normal people but not any higher. That does help but we still have to make sure at the age of 23 they get screened and make sure they get yearly check ups and stay on top of it. If they don't have insurance then Jeff and I will do what ever it takes to make sure they get checked. I never want them to go through this. I pray that others don't have to go through this.


I slept off on on during chemo today. It was sad to see a young guy with throat or thyroid cancer today. We over heard him say he had a real bad sore throat and that led to them finding it. Jeff said he saw them give him RED DEVIL. Poor guy. He had to be late 20's early 30's. I pray he gets well.

An older lady had a reaction to her 7th chemo. The nurses were great and Foust came in and he was great. It was scary for us to watch. But she was OK. They stopped chemo immediately and hooked her up to heart monitor and had oxygen on hand. I pray she is doing better.

Well, I am talkative. I slept alot once home then Up once kids got home. It was midnight before I could sleep again. Oh yeah, I been getting hot flashes like crazy. It feels like a heater kicked on inside my body then I pour the sweet. It last about 1-3 min. Then I'm fine again. Doc said he could put me on pills to help it but I said it wasn't that bad yet. So he said let's keep a watch on it and if it gets worse he can get me on meds. OK.


Stomache felt tight last night. I feel great this morning. Can't wait to be done. ONE MORE!!!! then herceptin for a year and pills for 5 yrs. Radiation for 6 wks. And then boob surgery after 6 wks rad wait 6 more weeks and get them fixed. YEAH!!!!!! I am glad it's getting closer to being done. It's been a trip which I hope never have to travel again.

My prayers go out to all of those going through this and their families. Don't forget the families. They have a lot of stress and worry on them. I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who I treasure more then he will ever know. He makes everyday better for me. My kids are just that kids. They do what they can for me. My friends well I have a few who are staying close in contact and they either leave comments here, email me, call me, or text me. They are great. I have few family members who call ever so often. Church friends check on regularly. I thank God for all of them.

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