Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chemo #3

Well, 3rd chemo today. It went like always but I got a refresher on what I have to do next. I have to do one more chemo called Taxotere. It can cause different side effects. It can cause alot of serious things I want list because any chemo can have serious problems. The ones the nurse told me were more common where skin drying out and cracking, hair loss, and rashes. I have to be careful with it just like the AC chemo I'm taking now. I have to go every two wks for 4 treatments. If I can handle it if I can't then I will have to do it every 3 wks. Then when done with it I can start Herceptin. The ladies loved my hair(wig).
I am tired today. I took a nap. I ate toasted cheese sandwich with mayo. Husband stopped at store on way back and got me some peanut butter crackers to help calm my stomach and I was hungry. Now what to eat for supper? Soup maybe? My stomach isn't ready for anything but I make myself eat anyways. I am staying at 174 weight wise.
Until next time...Here's to 3 down and 4 to go. I'm still half way.

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  1. Hey Debra,

    I can't wait to see your wig! I bet you look fabulous! I was on the taxotere too. It does dry you out, so have plenty of lotion on hand especially on your hands. Cetaphil works great. Three down!! Woo-hoo!! Praying for and thinking of you,