Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two appointment done in one day...

8:15 am: The Echo gram went well at RMC. I had to lay down on my left side, while she took the hand held gadget under my breast to see my heart. It's like an ultrasound. It looked cool. The picture was gray in color. I could see the valves open and close. I saw the walls of my heart move. Awesome. Then it showed red, blue and yellow colors. She put it on my side under my arm too. Then, I had to lay on my back while she checked toward the bottom of my left rib and then on my throat. I was done in about 30 min.

1:00 pm: Next appointment after lunch. We talk to radiation doctor Arwood. He really did explain everything well. 1. Cancer tumor was close to muscle. 2. Lymph node that was positive had issues. It should have had a barrier or hard like wall but it didn't. It had things going to the outside of it. This is not a good thing. These two things make me 50/50 for Rad. So, he really things it would be best to get radiation (Rad.). It could help me by about 5-10%. So, I guess it would be best to do this?????
Yeah, it would but God knows it really hard to keep listening to all these things I should do to get better. I just can wait til it's all done. I will survive!!!
OK. I have to call PS to get the OK to continue fill ups and maybe implant too. Rad Dr. said it shouldn't be a problem. I just have to get PS to approve.
After Chemo, I have to wait 6 weeks to start Rad. I would have treatments Monday-Friday (yes 5 days) for about 15 min. for 6 weeks.  Wow, that's alot ain't it. We or I would have to go to Oak Ridge each day. On top of that, I have that other treatment every 3 weeks for 12 months at the oncologist office in Oak Ridge too.

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