Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chemo#2the half way point

Well, second dose today. I feel pretty good I guess. We laughed again and the time past by pretty good. I got a felt hat from chemo basket they have theie. It's a red color like Alabama's football color (Jeff said it was).
Arrived @8:15am saw doctor @ 8:30am
I lost 1pound so that's good. He said I need flu shot mid Sept. then another one Jan. I also need phenomena shot too. Blood count looks good.
We went back to chemo room. Is was very slow today but when we left the chairs were almost full. So going early is less crowded. One lady has to stay 6 hours. WOW! poor lady. I am glad I don't stay that long. We left around 11:30-12 noon.
We went shopping for me a hat but no luck. The nurse told us about Across the Creek on Clinton hwy. So  maybe we can go there to look at wigs, hats, & scarves.
We went Krystal and got it to go because it was so busy with it being noon time. It tasted great! WOW! no metal taste today.
We got home and I was so sleepy I took a 2 hour nap and woke up 5min before kids got home. I can't believe I slept.
My stomach is feeling a little yucky right now I hope it stops but if not I guess I'll take a pill for it.
Last week I ate a lot of sweets to make up for the days I couldn't.
I am starting to shed a little more hair. So it begins.

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  1. Hey Debra!

    I am glad the treatment is over with. I hope the yucky side effects are on their way out for this round as well. You are doing great and are a huge inspiration to all the women out there battling this awful disease. I am still praying and thinking about you daily. Your sister survivor,

    Kerry Osborne