Friday, August 20, 2010

After Chemo and shot

Well, the Neulasta shot wasn't too bad. It didn't make my bones hurt. I was tired the next day which was Thursday. But today I feel great. I had a head ache yesterday too. I still can't taste things like normal. Some things taste ok. I ate an ego with syrup tonight and it taste pretty good. Coke taste funny. So I drink water and ginger ale. I have been drinking 64 oz of water a day. I usually on drink 32 oz if that much.
I got double dose on my expander today. Since I haven't had one in 2 wks he doubled it. It feels tight but doesn't hurt yet. It's only been two hours. I hope it doesn't start to hurt.
I go Thursday to get blood work done to see how my white blood count is doing so far.
We are going to Knoxville tomorrow to look at wigs and get me one (Maybe).

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  1. Hey Debra!

    It sounds like you are handling the treatments well. I am so glad to hear it. And no bone pain? That is wonderful. Yeah!! Those are good signs. I found that the first 3-5 days were the worst and the rest of the time in between I began to feel more like normal. I am not surprised by the coke tasting funny. It felt like it burned a bit when it would go down my throat during chemo. I remember biting into a pizza at a restaurant one time and telling Randy I thought someone had poured a chemical on it it tasted so badly. I then realized it was that metal taste you get. I have been thinking about you often and praying for you. I will keep praying that your immunity stays strong and that those side effects stay away. I will call you soon. Keep knocking out that cancer,

    Kerry Osborne