Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally Tube Gone!!!

Today, I got my drain tube out after 15 days. The nurse took it out. She said "on the count of 3 I will pull it out. one, two three" OUCH!!! "that's it" Great now it feels fine. Yeah it hurt kinda like a burning feeling but not really anything to cry about. I have prayed for a week that I could get this out and I did. Thank you God. I got my fill up today too. Can U say WOW? I did. I look almost normal now. The needle she used was very skinny and I didn't feel her stick in at all. Of course, the top of my breast is still numb like too. She had a very steady hand to hold that huge tube on the needle and slowly push the fluid in my expander(my Breast). It was a great day. That's one more step closer to being done. I am still moving forward and looking forward to the day I am completely done with treatments. (Well, I will forever have something done to make sure I am cancer free, but hopefully I want have to go through treatments or biopsies again.) God does listen and answer prays.


  1. Debra,

    Whohoo!!Yeah on getting that stinky old tube removed!!! I am glad the fill up wasn't so bad. That was my experience too. Way to look at it as progress because it really is a means to an end. I know you have an important appointment coming up. Just wanted to let you know even though I am out of town I am still thinking of you.


  2. Debra,

    You seem to have a great attitude about all of this! I think looking at it as one step closer to being cancer free and moving forward seemed to help Kerry a lot. Hang in there and know that we're praying for you that you will feel God with you all the way.

    Shannon Beal