Friday, November 19, 2010

Update November 19th

Well I feel great. My skin is peeling off my hands in places. I am using some great lotions and stuff. My fingers tips are tender or sore like. I have some swelling in my hands. Eyes keep getting watery. Doc said to used eye drops and some kind of other stuff. I used eye drops but not really helping much.
Stomach is back to normal.
Well, I go Monday for last Chemo. We figured I would feel better on Thursday if we moved it up one day. Cause I always feel bad after shot. My bones hurt more last time. I took claritin but didn't seem to help much.
I go to radiation doc on Dec 15th. Then we can start rad. I will go Mon-Friday for 6 wks. Holidays and weather may delay me but total I will have to go 30 times.
I hope to get this done and get ready for reconstruction surgery. I will have to wait 6 wks after Rad do have it done. Can't wait to be done with all this. I want to have fun this summer and be able to do things.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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