Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chemo #2 total 6 all together

We went to chemo and it went well. My Iron is very low even though I am taking two 365mg iron pills a day. I am still spotting which started Saturday. Monthly for 3 weeks now. No wonder my iron is so low.
Just a not: my nails hurt like on Friday after last chemo and were very touchy for three days. They are still a little sensitive to touch. Foust said that when my nails grow out longer that they may have lines were they stop and started to grow due to chemo. I just hope they don't fall off. I also have white spots on the side of my face due to cells in the skin (pigment) not growing very fast. Make-up covers it up pretty good so far. I just look weird from the side without make-up.
Jeff made me laugh this time. He kept saying "I can't wait til they give you your benadryl so I can have some peace and quite." I would gently hit him too. It was funny. I enjoy him joking around with me. I did get sleepy again. Once home I try to sleep but the bad storms and threats of tornado didn't help me get much rest.
Once it was bedtime, I wasn't sleepy any more. Jeff and I stayed up talking until about midnight. We even talk about how we both miss his mom. And how she would be taking care of us and worrying about us. I miss he dearly.
I ate well at supper time. I ate well this morning too.
I have only lost 5 pounds since I started chemo. I needed to lose that and some more. But I am maintaning my weight pretty good.
My stomach (intestine) gets very tight with this chemo. I can draw my intestine on my belly because I can fill it tighten up and fill each row. Very weird huh.
My hands and legs are dry so I have to keep them lotion up.
Well, I guess that covers chemo day.

I met an older lady who had one chemo treatment then couldn't due her second one due to low immune system. She had to take that "booster shot" as I call it five days. She said her bones hurt so bad. I told her about claritin to help with the aches and pains. She got to do her chemo today too. I was glad to see her come in to do her chemo. I hate to hear that someone can't get it done.

I thank God for being with me through all this. I thank God for my husband and kids. I thank God for all my great friends and family.
My friends have really been great. Thanks guys!!
Feel free to leave comments. I will read them through email first then post them. So please leave some comments. I love hearing from everyone.

Talk to u later!!
Have a great week!

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